Heritage Hoi An

Happy happy monday everyone!

Due to popular demand, we are back in Vietnam today! This picture is taken further north in central Vietnam, the World Heritage Site of Hội An city. Hội An Ancient Town is a beautifully well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. This picture shows the bridge ‘Chùa cầu’, a unique covered structure built by the Japanese, the only known covered bridge with a Buddhist temple attached to one side. In my experience, it is where i met a little old lady who must have been pushing 90 years old, who grabbed my hand and solemnly told me that in six months i would meet a handsome american, who was very wealthy, have three kids and live in marital bliss. Despite happening to be in America six months later, I’m still waiting for the handsome wealthy american, the truckload of kids and the marital bliss, but it must be a hard art to perfect.

Hoi An itself is a beautiful town which is a must see on a visit to Vietnam, especially if you love history, bike rides, boat rides, or even if you just need a perfectly tailored suit. I also happen to have met Miss Vietnam in this town, when she paraded through with a good one hundred Vespas and fifty Minis all in tow. As i was taking part in the local Pool championships at the time and losing miserably, i didn’t have much time to wonder at her entourage.

I shall see you all tomorrow, where we shall take a short trip south and visit the beautiful Thailand! Thank you to everyone who has liked, commented, or read my blog, it is greatly appreciated!

Until tomorrow,

Emily Jemma


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