Stormy Beaches

Hello everybody!

Today we have travelled around the world to Europe, to the sunny climes of the Western Algarve in Portugal. This is the beach of a small town called Carrapateira along the Westerly coastline (prime surfing locations along this coastline, with amado beach just a few miles down the coast). This picture was taken in October, looking out onto the beach, but also looking at the damage that was done in the storms last year in the area. This walkway is on top of the cliff, but the stormy seas were high enough to sweep it away along with everything on the beach. The waves get notoriously big in Portugal in he autumn months, with the record for the biggest wave ever surfed belonging to this coastline further north in Nazare.

It’s not all stormy seas and 80 foot waves, if you want to learn to surf then this coastline is for you. With hundreds of surf schools to choose from, warm climes and brilliant waves for beginners and experts, this coast has it all. The fact i go surfing here means I’m not biased at all! If you’re not into surfing, the coastline is breathtaking, and well worth an exploration. Or you can just sun-tan. That works too.

See you tomorrow budding surfers!

Emily Jemma


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