Pretty Ko Phi Phi

Hello everyone and hello Thailand!

Known for its sun, beaches and smiles, Thailand is a beautiful place, incredibly popular with tourists, backpackers, holidaymakers, golfers and everyone in between. However, today i will be focusing on a small island off the west coast of Thailand called Ko Phi Phi. Tourism here has exploded since the filming of the movie The Beach and the islands are now one of Thailand’s most famous destinations for scuba diving and snorkelling, kayaking and other marine recreational activities. I took a boat form Ao Nang (a great way to avoid the over crowded and overly touristic Krabi) over to the island and it is worth the trip! Although it is still definitely catered towards tourists, the beauty of some of the views cannot be denied and are not worth missing.


I turned up without having booked any prior accommodation and managed to get a basic twin room with ensuite for about £2 a night. At that price, don’t expect any frills though! There were a lot of people waiting at the harbour to shout their rooms at you, so if you are like me and throw caution to the wind, make sure you shop around and don’t get pressured into any sale, you do have to stay there after all! The beauty of the islands are the views from the hill tops, and the long sandy beaches, so this place has something for everyone. You can hike to the top of hills and gaze down at the vista below, you can kayak to monkey beach and frolic with our monkey brethren, you can take day trips out to the smaller islands and re-enact scenes from the beach and even castaway, or you can relax on the beach and top up your tan.

Don’t take my word for it though, go forth and find out for yourself! Have you visited Ko Phi Phi islands? Did you do something amazing or want to recommend an activity? comment below and share it with other travellers!

Thank you for reading my friends, and see you tomorrow!

Emily Jemma



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  1. it really is very beautiful. Hopefully you will make it there soon! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hopefully. Have you ever been there? Nice to see your blog emily


  3. Hopefully. Have you ever been there ? Nice to see your blog emily


  4. Yes, i was lucky enough to do a two month trip to Asia a while ago, all the photos from the blog are my photos from trips! I thought it was a nice way to share them and keep myself occupied 🙂 thank you for your comments, they are genuinely appreciated! x


  5. Its very wonderful.trip to asia?where r u from emily? Im from indonesia 🙂


  6. I’m from the UK, half a world away!


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