Cape Tribulation

Happy Sunday!

If you can get passed the crocs and the box jellyfish, then Cape Tribulation in Australia may warrant a visit from you! North of Cairns in the Daintree National Park, Cape Tribulation is still fairly off the beaten track when it comes to tourist involvement, most of its visitors being the backpacking variety. However, there is plenty to do within this region of the coast, and if you like quieter settings then this World Heritage area ticks all the right boxes.


Charter boats from the beach do go to the Great Barrier Reef, about 19km East of this destination, providing an alternative way to access the reef with a little less hustle and bustle. If you want different activities to occupy you, 4WD tours, horse riding, kayaking, jungle surfing and crocodile cruises are all available. If you haven’t heard of jungle surfing, then check out the official website. Everyone wants to be Tarzan for a day! They also give great ecological talks while you are resting on the platforms high up in the canopy, so it is fun and educational.

If you like walking, the Dubuji Boardwalk is a walking trail from the main highway to the beach that has toilet and picnic facilities. It leads mainly through swampland with mangroves that are lovely to walk through, while causing the least impact on the environment. If you are up for a more vigorous challenge, the Mount Sorrow ridge trail is a seven-hour walk which leads to a lookout with impressive views which are well worth the climb. Don’t forget the water bottle!


Slightly off the beaten track on the East Coast of Australia, full of ecological wonders and jungle exploration, great views and a lovely beach setting. If this sounds like your slice of paradise, let me know! Have you been or are you thinking of going to Cape Tribulation?

See you tomorrow!

Emily Jemma


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