Airport Woes

Hello and happy Monday!

Today is only a short post, but it comes with a heavy warning to all travellers alike. I learnt this lesson myself during an obscenely long delay at an airport on my travels. The airport in question was Singapore airport, and i was new to extended travel and not yet wise in my actions. My flight to Australia was delayed, so my friend and i went to a cafe, bought food and settled in for the long run. 16hours later, we were trying to kip on the chairs. It was a cold airport, and my woolly hat had to make a return from the deepest depths of my backpack for the occasion. On the 20th hour, we were finally allowed to check in baggage and get through security.

While a day in an airport was certainly a nice memory to tell the grandkids someday, we soon learnt what muppets we had been. Instead of cafes and hard chairs, we could have hopped over to the other terminal, and gone on a free singapore tour. Or a pay per use lounge. An aviation gallery. An entertainment deck. A movie theatre. A nature trail. A gym. A swimming pool. A napping area. Opps. While we decided to stay close by just in case anything happened, next time i might go for a bit of a wander further afield and see what an airport has to offer.

Similarly, check if an airport you are flying from closes overnight. With an early flight from Hanoi earlier in my travels, we decided to save on accommodation and spend the night at the airport after an evening in Hanoi. At midnight, we were asked when our flight was, herded into a room somewhere in the airport with three blokes, and then told not to leave. The lights went off. Machines powered down. Silence reigned. While it was an unexpected way to spend a night in a completely deserted, pitch black airport with the sound of squeaking rats increasing by the second, i enjoy this memory almost as much as i do the events in Singapore. It was an adventure, something to laugh about, and i wouldn’t change it for anything. Especially the baffled look on peoples faces when we emerged in the morning.

Tomorrow we shall leave the airport and visit a destination! Until then, be curious about your airports, and find an adventure!

Emily Jemma


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