Sunsets of the world

People always comment on sunsets. ‘Oh look at that sunset!’, or ‘wow isn’t that amazing!’, or ‘check that out!’ or maybe simply ‘red sky at night, shepherds delight!’. I suppose it is wired into the human race to react to pretty things, after all, you only need to look at the popularity of cat videos on youtube to know that we are inherently doomed to death by cuteness as a species. But why do we find the perfectly ordinary disappearing of the sun from our particular view from the Earth’s surface particularly beautiful or meaningful? It’s all to do with perspective, i suppose.

Beautiful things remind us of why we are alive, how lucky we are to be standing in that spot right there and seeing the view that we are seeing. Usually, we are far too busy to notice these beautiful things happening. You work, go home, eat, go to sleep and the sun would have disappeared without you noticing, or if you do notice it is because you have left work and gone ‘ohhhh, dark already, how depressing’. They get shunted to the back of our mind, there but not really seen. Then suddenly, there will be an extra beautiful sunset, or you will be taking a walk, look up and BAM, there is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen. But it is always there, you just forget to see it.

In order to be happier then, maybe we should remember to see, to really look at what is around us. While we are travelling, we tend to look more, we see that amazing building over there, or that beautiful sky and wonderful rug in that market. Then we take a photo of it so we have no reason to forget that moment. But why only see when we are on holiday or travelling? There are many miraculous things to see every day, we just filter them out during the daily grind.

Don’t let your sunset be a once in a blue moon event. Remember to look for the brilliant in everything to do, and maybe, you will feel just that bit happier doing it. If you aren’t able to travel this very second, you might as well make the most of what you have got after all, which may just surprise you if you let it.

See you tomorrow star gazers,

Emily Jemma


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  1. Such true advice that is often overlooked.

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