Adrenaline Capital

Today we have gone for low resolution photography, a blast from the past if you will. Blame it on me watching the hobbit last night, as middle earth always reminds me of this trip. For me, this picture encapsulates adventure. I was the other side of the world from home in a different hemisphere, out in the wilderness of the South Island of New Zealand, just enjoying life with friends. One friend was from home, the steady amongst the change. Other friends were new, picked up by travel in the same direction, or met new at the destination. I couldn’t afford a good camera, couldn’t afford much more than a loaf of bread and some baked beans most days, but we had the adventure of a lifetime. This is why i travel, to relive moments like this.

Ask me where i want to travel back to if i had the choice (and didn’t have so many other places still to visit), New Zealand would be right up the top of the list. With incredible show stopping scenery and enough adrenaline filled activity to settle even the junkie in me, it was a veritable nirvana. Add in my blatant love for Tolkein, and everything was smelling of roses. I stood at the top of Auckland Tower and looked at the people beneath my feet scurrying like ants. I hurtled down a mountain road on a luge i wasn’t entirely convinced i could stop even if i used the brake. I threw myself out of a plane at 14,000feet and shouted my delight to the skies at the freedom i had been given. I then threw myself off a smaller platform with a rope tied around my legs, but made sure it was the biggest drop in New Zealand (134m of the most indescribable feeling, pure joy). I strapped a board to my legs and shredded the snowy mountains of Queentown, then attempted to eat the biggest burger in the world. I failed spectacularly, but fed myself for a week afterwards. I abseiled deep into the fabric of the earth, and went caving and black water rafting in Waitomo where the glow worms light the way. I hiked to the top of mount doom and cast the ring back into the fiery chasm from whence it came (which as it turns out, isn’t so fiery) The list goes on; if it increased your heart rate, i completed it with a wide cheshire grin and a spring in my step.

Sure, all this adventure completely ruined my bank account, and the taste of bread became extremely monotonous after a while, but i reasoned with myself, who knows what the future brings? What if i never have this chance, to be where i am right now, doing what i am doing, again? I could say, ‘oh, i’ll do it next time’, but what if this never happened? So i apologised to my bank card, and did everything that i wanted to do and gave life my fullest attention. Because in the end, my bank card isn’t going to make me smile and reminisce when i am old and grey, nor is it going to give me the feeling i experienced for those three weeks of brilliance. Life may catch up with me eventually, but forgive me if i keep living life in the moment while i can.

See you tomorrow adrenaline seekers,

Emily Jemma


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