Remembering Sydney

Everyone’s heard of the latest news form Sydney, and my deepest sympathies are with the families of those involved and the whole community who suffered from one lone assailant. While attacks of this nature happen everyday around the globe, it always hits harder to home when it is in regard to places or people you know. This takes nothing away from any event that happens no matter how big or small, to some people, somewhere, it always matters.

I visited Sydney as part of my great East Coast extravaganza, and the friendliness of the people, the vibe of the city, the  is incredible. Even though i was basically public enemy number one (England winning the ashes while i was there made for some very sore losers!) i never found myself short of people to talk to, drink with, or even share a laugh with. Thats why it comes as no surprise at all that the people of Sydney and beyond have taken a stand In this moment, have stood together as people supporting other people in the most human of ways, regardless of colour, nationality or creed, with a simple #IllRideWithYou.

After all, its better to embrace the positivity of the world rather than get dragged down into the depths of humanity’s flaws, and only by working together can we keep a smile on our faces and work towards a happier future.

Today, remember to put a smile on someones face; no matter how big or small an act of kindness is, it matters to someone. And to someone, it may mean the world.

See you tomorrow friends,

Emily Jemma


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  1. Lovely! I was a big fan of the Twitter response as well.

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