Magnetic Island, Australia

To be honest, you visit this island for the sunsets. They are incredibly spectacular, and if you are an early riser, you can get front row seats to two shows a day. So you’ve taken the 8km ferry ride from Townsville, you’ve settled in to see the sunset, and you’ve got your holiday snap. What next?

If you are backpacking around Australia, you will probably find this island on your itinerary, dependant on how long you have (it probably comes third on the list to the big hitters of Whitsunday and Fraser Island). I didn’t stay here long, as i was well aware of how much there is to see in a country that is 31.5 times bigger than my home country, and i was eager to get down to Kroombit to try my hand at outback living at the farmstay! I stayed in the Base Hostel while i was there, although there are other hostels and other forms of accomodation available. Base also has campsites to pitch tents for a much cheaper price, although i stuck to the 8 bed dorm, which turned out to be a funky little cabin along a wooden walkway.

In terms of activities, there is a choice of sailing and cruising trips, all offering a relaxing day out on the water, with swimming, snorkelling over coral reefs or just lazing in the sun (You can even rent your own yacht). If getting more close and personal is your thing, then take a guided Sea Kayak tour, where you can explore beautiful bays, with a chance to see dolphins, turtles, coral reef fish and sea eagles. If you need more adrenaline, there are sailing catamarans for hire, or sailboards, surfskis, canoes and aqua bikes. Even more adrenaline? Try waterskiing, skydiving on the beach or wield a Jetski. Learn to Scuba dive or experience a resort dive. Take a guided snorkelling or scuba diving tour.

me magnetic, aus

If you want to chill out from all the action, explore the island by bus, taxi or Harley Davidson, or hire a colourful Moke, trail bike, scooter or bicycle and just explore. There are roughly 20km of walking trails to take advantage of on the island, with stunning views which should be expected form an island that is mostly National Park territory. As i had been filled to the brim with action all the way down the coast, i chose the slightly more chilled options while i was here, except for when i was getting involved in the inevitable hostel activities you cant help but be a part of (throwing a friend down a slip and slide to hit oversize pins in order to win a snowboarding package comes to mind, or taking part in the international rock paper scissor championships and losing terribly).

Have you visited Magnetic Island, missed it out or chosen Townsville instead? Or have you never heard of it before? Let us know what you got up to while passing through, and if you thought the sunsets lived up to expectations (from my experience, they did)!

See you tomorrow,

Emily Jemma



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