The Yin and Yang of pure reflection

This photo was taken out of a moving bus, so forgive the slight blurriness. When one looks up from a road map and sees this laid out before them, one does tend to rush a bit with the camera. I intended to come back to this spot and take another, but then, things don’t always go to plan. When i look at this photo, i see the blurriness and the beautiful scenery and i remember the time that i could have taken to stop and take the perfect picture, but i did’t. I thought i could come back to it later. Now i am left with a reminder, that maybe, just sometimes, i should live a little bit more in the minute.

But then again, maybe in this photo, i found my own sort of perfection. It is rough and ready and certainly isn’t up to professional standards, but it has a story. I remember a lot more about that particular day and what i was doing, as if it has sunk into the photo and remains there, a lingering memory. If it was a perfect photo, a scenic shot that while beautiful, didn’t have any particular qualities or quirkiness, would it still evoke anything from me other that a faint whiff off nostalgia and a slight jealousy of past me? (Come to think of it, i’m still fairly jealous, it was a fantastic view.)

I think the answer to this dichotomy is to take photos that mean something to you. Make them quirky or plain, bizarre or functional. Give them a story, something that really stands out from the crowd of endless scenic shots and says ‘I was there’. Because when you look at your reflection in the mirror, you see yourself. So maybe when you look into your photos, it would be great if you could see yourself imprinted in them.

See you tomorrow,

Emily Jemma


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  1. Fantastic mirror of the scenery.

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