The lake with the painted boats and one small tree

Hello everyone!

It was at this very lake where i accidentally uprooted a tree. Before you exclaim at my amazing feat of strength, it was a very small tree, as much as i may wish for superpowers they have as yet eluded me. I was leaning near the edge peering at the shady character reflected in its crystal depths, using a tree to help me lean out, when with a startling crack the tree gave way and fell to the ground roots and all. How i managed to save myself from an early dunking in the frigid waters i will never know, but moments later i was arse over teacake breathing heavily next to a similarly positioned tree. We would probably have had the same looks of consternation on our faces, if the tree had any anthropomorphic qualities.

Despite the inadvertent destruction of nature, all was still peaceful and quiet, reminding me of the fact that nearest civilisation was miles away. Still, feeling incredibly guilty, i attempted to replant the tree and give it a bit of  pick me up. While the fate of the tree is unknown, i like to think it is flourishing and growing in its new location, and will probably never return to the lake so this illusion can remain. Unfortunately, i have never been known for my gardening skills, let alone becoming a tree surgeon, so the doubt of the trees welfare will remain.

Lets just hope that the beauty of this spot remains untarnished by my visit, and tourists enjoy its unrivalled beauty for many years to come. Just look out for the painted boats and one small tree.

See you tomorrow, for those celebrating christmas have an incredibly merry one, and for those not celebrating christmas, have a wonderfully merry day too!

Emily Jemma



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  1. onomatopoeicbliss December 29, 2014 — 12:59 am

    Pardon me, but . . . where is this?

    While your photography skills may only be rivaled by your storytelling skills, the actual subject of your lens is . . .



  2. Ah my apologies, a rather big oversight on my part! It may come as no surprise to find out that it is in New Zealand, just south of Nelson. I believe it is Lake Rotoiti, if my memory serves me correctly, which was incredibly beautiful. Thank you very much for the lovely comments though, i am glad you like my photography and odd stories!


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