Getting the best view

Hello everyone!

Todays blog is in response to the fact that nearly every one of my friends has either received, bought, or commented on the fact that they don’t have a selfie stick this christmas. As if taking photos down our arms isn’t enough, we are now extending the range to also grin cheerily down an extendable pole. An activity for all the friends.

I cant complain (i definitely have an extendable pole for the go pro, but i like to think its not a selfie when I’m filming myself doing awesome sporting feats) but it makes me wonder if this is what will happen as the years continue. Instead of meeting up, people chat online. Instead of asking a person to take your photo, you use an extendable stick. Whats next, using a machine to pay at the supermarket? Oh wait…

Before the selfie craze and the action camera explosion, i would be inventive in getting photos. I’d perch it in a tree when i have shimmied up to get the best view out across the ocean, or i would give the camera to the non-english speaking children and let them go wild for an hour, and come out with some crazy photos i could never begin to imagine the steps needed to take. Maybe I’m getting old, but the point and click is boring. Hence why i stick to going with the flow, except with the go pro, just the name makes you envision action and adventure; I’ve been completely hooked to the tagline. Maybe I’m not avoiding the selfie craze after all…

See you tomorrow selfie fiends,

Emily Jemma


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