Sailing Away

Hello everyone!

On what is soon to be the eve of another year, lets all take the time to remember the places we have visited and experiences we have crossed in our travels and adventures. You might have completed a marathon trip full to bursting with continents and biomes. You might have gone camping a few towns away from your home. Near or far, there is always something beautiful to take away from it, be it scenery, friendship or experience (even the bad experiences give us the wonderful experience of swearing to never ever be doing that again). Lets also look ahead to what the next year may have in store, the complete openness of the unknown and the anticipation sizzling under the surface when we think of where we might go, what we could do, what we might see.

For me, i have a deep desire to experience the wonders of Peru, somewhere i have yet to go that has always been high on my bucket list (well, long winded list of places i really want to go, which is mostly everywhere) and have never yet managed to reach. The bringing in of the new year allows me to be excited about the prospect, even if my bank account laughs mockingly at this notion.

Do you have any destinations you would love to travel to next year? Where would you go to make 2015 a special year? Let me know in the comments below!

See you tomorrow for the eve of 2015,

Emily Jemma


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