London in a day with mothballs in your wallet; a solo guide part 3

Hello everyone! Please enjoy part 3 of my solo ramblings through London.

Departing the warmth of Costa and leaving behind the comforting smell of coffee beans, i ventured out into the frozen wastelands also known as Victoria Tube station. Warmth quickly became less of a problem, as every man, woman and dog were apparently heading for the same line as i was, and not being the tallest of individuals i was soon swept off into the general melee. My height is also my biggest tube weapon however, as ducking through people’s arms and bags, i can easily sneak onto trains that taller people fear to tread. My destination: 221b Baker Street.

While no Sherlock Holmes resides at this address (nor has he ever unfortunately), there is still plenty to see for the discerning Sherlockian. Only a minutes walk from the Bakerloo Line, you will find yourself outside the door itself, although it is more likely you will find yourself in a nice orderly queue about 100 yards down the road. It is a bit popular with tourists and locals alike; I found myself walking behind a group of vicars in their full religious garb, practically skipping down the road wearing ‘Sherlock’ style hats. I think they were big fans. Once you wade past the fanatic crowds, you can visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum if you desire, though it will cost you £10 for your troubles. If you are not a fan of the sleuth detective, then just around the corner is Madame Tussaud’s, or more literally, wax figurine heaven. Enjoy the immortalisation of your favourite celebrities, movie characters, fictitious beings and politicians all under one roof. There are usually offers on entry price, especially if you combine it with another London attraction, so make sure you check the website before you travel if this is somewhere you would like to visit.

Next up, the dreaded shopping battle arena known as Oxford Street. A 10 minute walk south down Baker Street deposited me outside Selfridges, and i followed the road all the way to the end where i was gratefully spat out near the British Museum. I’m not a big fan of crazed shopaholic hoards, and peering into some of the shops i passed had me wishing i was not languishing around in a dirty pair of trainers. Fighting the tide of the crowds intent on sale shopping soon turned into an all out war on the pavement, and it was with some relief that i reached the British Museum with me and my belongings intact.

The British Museum is free to visit, and contains a myriad of human history, culture and art within its walls. If you plan on visiting here, it is probably better to have a good deal of time to devote to it, as is the same with the National History Museum. While you could get away with a couple of hours to devote to the British Museum, the National History Museum needs at least half a day to do it justice. From the towering skeleton of a mighty dinosaur in the foyer to the giant escalator into space, this is one of the best museums to visit in London, and it is completely free. All you have to worry about is finding the exit, and finding space for all the random knowledge you will accumulate as you walk around the exhibits. I obviously did not have half a day of time to spare, so i contented myself with giving the dinosaur an air high five and giving my feet a bit if a rest in the space exhibit (i have a healthy love for anything space-y).

As the sun started to set in a slowly reddening sky, i hopped on the tube to Kensington Park, to enjoy the sunset in a peaceful, jogger heaven (i think half of London was out jogging, judging by the amount of people who passed me). It is sometimes hard to believe you are in one of the worlds busiest cities when you are surrounded by trees and green land as far as the eye can see. While the Parks are well maintained and looked after, they still seem to retain a feeling of wildness, the countryside where it is anything but.

I therefore end part 3 with me gazing into the sunset, as all good stories should. The final chapter to this saga contains giant horse heads and of course, i could not resist leaving without visiting the fabled winter wonderland (i picked some friends up for this bit, as surprisingly, i do have some friends who would be willing to be thrown around on fair ground rides with me).

See you Tomorrow!

Emily Jemma 


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