London in a day with mothballs in your wallet; a solo guide part 4

Hello everyone, and welcome to the final installment!

Having pissed off enough joggers for one evening, i made my swift exit from Kensington Park and made my way to Marble Arch, where you are immediately confronted by a giant horses head and a marble arch to nowhere. I’m not going to lie, i was more interested in the giant horse head. The word ‘why’ sprang immediately to mind, but who am i to question giant art.

It was at the giant green horse head that i met up with some friends for the main event, namely the giant sprawling mass of christmas-y goodness known as Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland has it all, giant festival rides, circus entertainers, a truly gigantic christmas market, magical ice kingdoms, and the obligatory ice skating rink. To walk from one side to the other through the sprawling entertainment without stopping took us a good half an hour, so you can imagine how much time you can spend lost in this place. The smell of sausages and supremely mouth-watering hog roast permeates the air, and mulled wine is never far from your grasp. If you want to celebrate in true style, the Bavarian Village is the place for you. You can join in the party Bavarian-style at the Bavarian Great Hall, which has an incredibly festive atmosphere to enjoy with some bratwurst and a stein of German beer in each hand and cheesy european music drowning out all normal level conversations.

If you want adult entertainment for your inner child, there is a carousel bar. That’s right, a carousel bar. It goes round, you go round, and there are drinks. Wonderful. If it wasn’t for the fair ground rides, i could have stayed on that all evening. As an adrenaline junkie, anything that gets my blood pumping is worth doing, so i was first in line for the biggest rides (and the haunted house, because who doesn’t like a haunted house?). For the brave of heart, there is the Star Flyer, which is essentially a swig set that takes you 60 meters into the air and flings you round 360 degrees, or Power Tower, which throws you back down to the ground at high speeds. If you prefer something more sedate, there is always the Giant Ferris Wheel, or some much calmer, gentle on the nerves rides to enjoy.

All in all, it is not a bad place to finish any trip, although unfortunately this little treasure is limited to the christmas period only. For those that come to London at other times, fear not! The city is so vast and diverse that there is always something amazing going on somewhere in time. The amount of places i can think of off the top of my head that i wasn’t able to fit into this one day are huge, and also definitely not to be missed. What this day trip has proved in the end then, is that you definitely can’t expect to see all of London in a day. But then, i could have told you that from the comfort of my own home. All i can say, is if you have limited time in London, make sure you plan ahead with what you want to see in mind, and give yourself enough time to do it properly, or you might end up as dead on your feet as i was after this little venture.

Tired as i may have been, i had the pleasure of a nice little upgrade to first class for my return train journey, hooray for slightly more comfy seating! And now i turn to you, where do you think i should visit next when i complete a return trip to London? Do you have any hidden gems you would like to share?

Thank you for reading this little series, and i will see you tomorrow when i go further afield again on my travels.

Emily Jemma


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