Travel the world, one triathlon at a time

See this photo here? See the one lunatic in a swimming costume? Yeah, that’s me. Considering it was my first triathlon, i thought i should turn up looking like a newbie. Plus, the suits are expensive! Rewinding back to the beginning, this is the story of my first triathlon.

Considering that England is a frigid mass of rain and cold, i went abroad. More specifically, i went to Portugal. While this may explain the swimming costume, i can assure you the sea was still cold, and i still felt like a bit of a muppet among a much more experienced crowd. Due to a pesky exploding appendix, i had been out of action for a good year, and was keen to get back into shape. To do this, i gave myself a series of challenges. This was the second.

As a former swimmer who had gone all the way to international level, i am no stranger to competition. While i am the most laid back person in general life, put me into a sporting competition and i snap into competing mode. I guess it is the adrenaline addiction, or possibly the conditioning that competing at an early age gave me. This hit a little snag however; i was one of four women in a field of thirty guys. That and some of them competed nationally. Definitely no winning for me then. I contented myself with being the second person out of the water.

The course for the triathlon was amazing. Occurring at the end of the world, the sea swim had a stunning back drop complete with blue skies. The cycle section was to the Lighthouse and back, along long empty roads framed by a rugged coastline past the Fortaleza. The run was through the small fishing village of Sagres, with a little bit of cross country in there too.

While it is not the usual way to travel the world, it can add a little bit of excitement to the proceedings. While taking your own bike and gear can be an absolute nightmare on planes (extra baggage costs are expensive!) it doesn’t make that much difference overall. You meet new and interesting people from different places. You can eat as much food as you like with the knowledge you will most definitely lose it during the holiday. And finally, it gives you an excuse to go abroad more often (It also gives you a reason to work harder for a reason other than you will be wearing your swimwear, motivation is always good).

Anyone ready to join the circuit with me? See you tomorrow budding athletes,

Emily Jemma

Oh, and i’ll just leave this here:



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