Snowboarding Shenanigans

Hello everyone!

Winter is in full swing, and you are looking for the powder. The snow. The white stuff. Whether it is due to a life long love of snow, snowboarding, skiing, or all things cold, sometimes your attention turns to finding it. Everyone knows the obvious spots, in Europe the Alps are obvious, in Canada, Whistler. There are some places that are less obvious, like Romania, or Eastern Europe in general. As cold weather draws in and the gloomy cold rain surrounds me, i can’t help but wish i was out in the brisk cold mountain air shredding some fresh powder.

Sorry to all the skiing fans out there, but I’m a boarder through and through. Call me a daddy’s girl, but the first time i ever went to the mountains and saw my dad on a board, i thought it looked much cooler than two sticks and two poles. It may also be due to the fact that i surfed before this, so was influenced by my love of a good board, but i guess i can’t really go back and ask myself why.

On the last day of my first trip, i sprained my wrist. I wanted to try a jump that i was most definitely not ready for. While i made it, my wrist didn’t; I was just sorry it didn’t get caught on camera.

On the last day of my second trip, i sprained my ankle. This time, i hit a tree. I was racing a few friends and was spending far too much time looking behind me to see where they were rather than where the scenery was at. I apologised to the tree, and finished the race.

On the last day of my third trip, i helped my friend get a concussion. I was trying to teach her for her first time on a board, but she seemed more interested in head butting the ground. After a few attempts, i went and got her a helmet. It didn’t help, hence the concussion. She skis now, so guess snowboarding instructor is out as a profession for me.

On the last day of my fourth trip, i head butted the ground instead. My friend and i got up early to be the first people down the fresh powder, only it was still incredibly foggy at the top. You guessed it, i head butted a tree. Still, the fresh powder was worth it, even if the trees seemed to multiply after i got friendly with that one.

Morale of the story? Stay away from me on the last day of any snowboarding holiday i take. Second morale of the story? If you are planning a ski trip soon, please take me with you. I will wear a helmet.

See you tomorrow,

Emily Jemma



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  1. No problem! Be sure to check out my blog if you get the chance! Thanks – Beth!


  2. For a holiday? I’ll check it personally 😉

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