Celebrating your birthday on the road

Hello Everyone!

You’re going on an adventure, and you suddenly realise you are going to be away for your birthday. The horror! How will you cope without friends and family to celebrate this momentous occasion? The truth is, you’ll cope just fine.

Travel is a little bit less intense than it used to be. We live in an age where you can talk to anyone around the world at the push of a button. No one is too far away, unless they are trekking in the vast wilderness of the Antarctic wasteland. But then, at least they have penguins.

So all is well now that you are able to communicate with your loved ones, whether it be by Skype or satellite phone. So what else do you need for your momentous day? Apart from cake. People to enjoy it with? You don’t need to worry on this front either. Everyone loves a good reason to celebrate, and you meet enough people on the road to fill the quota. Even though i was in the outback for my 19th, i had twenty odd people to celebrate the occasion with, along with several hundred goats and a mechanical bull. Take that 19th birthday.

So you don’t have to worry about communication or partying. Or the cake, unless you are incredibly far from civilisation, and even then it is fairly easy to get a substitute. Now the best bit: look around at where you are! You are in an incredible location, on the trip of your life, and it’s your birthday. Go out, find what the destination has to offer, whether it is an activity, a sight or just the nearest bar. Make it a birthday to remember. You’ve had lots of birthdays at home, now it is time to try something different. Make it wonderful.

If it is your birthday, then happy birthday from me and Stella the horse. If not, then happy un-birthday from me and Stella the horse!

See you tomorrow on my un-birthday,

Emily Jemma



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  1. Happy belated birthday! I’ll take a birthday from the road in some foreign exotic place anytime to obe at home. I love my friends but they will be there when I get back.


  2. glad we both agree! It gives an excuse to have two birthdays anyway.

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  3. Now your talking! I always love a good celebration. Keep up the great travels!


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