Why so serious?

Hello Everyone!

It’s very easy to take yourself seriously. Its just as easy to never take yourself seriously. While some situations may call for a bit of maturity (for instance, a job) there are other times where it would be better to remember that laughing keeps you young. Having fun puts a smile on other peoples faces. People get dragged along with your enthusiasm, just as much as if it is reciprocated.

Travel reminds you that you don’t know everything, there are always times when you are going to be in the dark and not have a clue what is going on or what that person just said to you in Swahili. But that’s ok. Everyone has their points of knowledge, and their points of general ignorance. As long as your recognise that, and don’t take yourself too seriously, no one will never have a problem with you not knowing everything. Life is one big learning curve, and no one is ever on the same curve as you are.

Everyone says travel makes you grow, it gives you perspective, it makes you more rounded as a person. Does it make you less fun to be around? Definitely not! So don’t let a thing like growing up, getting an adult job or collecting your first pension make you feel like you have to be serious and mature and lecture about the good old days. You can still be young at heart and in your mind, and this includes having fun, having a giggle, and not caring what other people might think of you.

See you tomorrow my fun loving friends,

Emily Jemma



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  1. Great words. I think that every traveler has to be a kid insight, if he/she wants to enjoy the experience to the utmost 🙂


  2. Like a kid in a candy shop! Thank you 🙂


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