Just hanging about

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the short and random one tonight, but i have failed utterly at time management. A friend asked me if i could do a 5km park run with her tomorrow morning (and by morning, i mean MORNING) so i need my beauty sleep. Unfortunately, i didn’t count this into my blog writing time. Whoops. Time management is a skill i seem to selectively use, sort of like a guy and their hearing skills (sorry guys).

In line with the title, I like climbing things. Put a tree in front of me and i will be itching to climb it. Oooh look at that rock, can i climb it? No Emily, thats a priceless piece of natural history. Down, girl. Unfortunately, i have never been able to get into climbing as a sport. This is mainly my fault, as other sports established a place in my life far before climbing could (though i was still a right little monkey) and my love of water prevailed. Still, stick a rope on me and ill attempt to climb anything. Probably  without the rope too, like a mountain goat.

So, where in the world is the best to climb things? Let me know in the comments below! It can be anything, trees, mountains, rock faces, jungle gyms. Give me a list and i will set out to climb them!

See you tomorrow for a more on track, decent length post!

Emily Jemma


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