Reflecting on your journey

Hello everyone!

Sometimes, we are in such a hurry to do things, to experience life, we forget to reflect on how we have changed, grown, been shaped by our experiences. It’s the quiet times, whether in reflection or contentment, that these thoughts creep up on us. People find their places to reflect in different ways and different places. It can be in the middle of a busy crowd, or in a solitary, quiet environment. While i like being in a crowd, i value quiet time by myself. It doesn’t even have to be for reflection, or thought, i am just as content by myself as i am around people. In the cyberised and technologically choked world, it is very hard to be bored, whether you are alone or surrounded by people, home or abroad.

Reflection is different. Self awareness is an important process that is a constantly changing and fluid. In order to give your best to the world, you first need to know yourself. This is why it is so important to travel. It shapes you as a person, opens you to new ideas and ways of thinking, and allows you to find out more about yourself. Although travelling keeps you busy, you should take some time out of your day/month/year/leap year to think about why you are doing it, what you are getting out of it, and how it changes you as a person.

This might even take place when you get home, in the form of a ‘oh-my-god-what-do-i-do-now existential crisis. It happens to the best of us. Just make sure you know what you want from life, how you can do it, and how to chill out. Also, get a foam roller in your life, because these things have power to be worshipped.

See you tomorrow,

Emily Jemma


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