Reaching for you travel goals

Hello everyone!

You write your travel bucket list in an excited haze of fervour and whimsical joy. I could go here…. or here…..and HERE! It quickly gets out of control, until the whole world is basically numbered on a page under the title. On the other hand, you sit at home in the depths of mid-winter, wondering if you will ever make it out of the country again.

Sometimes, actually making that travel step is difficult. You say you want to do it, tell everyone what you are going to do, and then sit down to write your plans. But turning those plans into actions? More difficult. True, it is a little bit easier now that you can impulse buy holidays on the internet, but the nerves can still grab you. You start to doubt yourself. You procrastinate (as always). So how do you make it easier on yourself? Here is my quick five pieces of advice.

Don’t write a bucket list. Write an action plan. Figure out how long you are going for, where you are going, and what you want to do. Make it concrete plans instead of whimsical ramblings. This makes it seem more achievable. You can still be as impulsive or as loose on your plans as you like, but make them seem like a fact rather than a wish.

Do your research. Anything you are worrying about or you think is holding you back, look it up or ask someone. Someone, somewhere will know the answer, even if it is google. Talk to people, that is what they are there for!

Get a little phrasebook going. Worried about all the languages you may encounter? Write down the essentials to take with you. You don’t even have to buy phrasebooks, just hit the internet and write them out from reputable sources (or more likely, type them out).

Have a realistic idea of your budget, what you are going to do with your money, or how you will earn money as you travel. This can give you more confidence to spend it.

And finally, Carpe Diem. None of this YOLO rubbish, go for the full out Latin alternative. You want to be on your death bed swinging out to some Frank Sinatra with no regrets and a boomerang on the wall.

See you tomorrow,

Emily Jemma


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