Some things in life are for free… like fun

Hello everyone!

As we are often told, the best things in life are free. Unfortunately while you are travelling, you find most things you are pointed to in guide books or bucket lists are anything but free. In fact, most of them will set you back quite a bit, or will have you waking up in cold sweats at the thought of the overtime awaiting you when you get home. But don’t despair! If you are a bit strapped for cash, or are looking for some alternative entertainment, it is always there for you to find.

Take my advice, and go box surfing. All you need is a large hill and a cardboard box. Grass, sand, gravel, mud, water…. all of them work. No? not good enough? Alright, well the place to find the best and often cheapest activities is by getting into local areas and making friends with local people. Who knows the area better than the person that lives there? You’ll be surprised with how much you will learn, the activities you will do and the friends you will make.

Besides, there is always box surfing. You’re looking at the (unofficial) Anglo-Stralian Box Surfing World Champion. I welcome all challengers.

See you tomorrow,

Emily Jemma


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