Making “Travel” Friends

Hello everyone!

It is the dreaded thought of every solo traveller, will i make friends? Will people like me? Will i end up sat alone in the hostel room like billy no-mates? Will i be stuck with Gollum? The answer is emphatically no.

Short of willingly locking yourself up in a single room and hiding under the covers, you are going to meet a lot of people. You’ll meet people on your flights, on the bus, at tourist spots, bars, restaurants, activities, trains, on the street, in the toilets, not to mention in your hostel or hotel. Some of these people are bound to be taking the same path as you, especially on the more well-trodden backpacking paths, and it’s common to join up with people for legs of your journey; if you’re particularly enamoured with them then plans can always change.

When you’re travelling, it is like you have entered a secret club or society. Everyone suddenly becomes super friendly, and you quickly end up talking to people like you’ve known them for years. You’re Facebook profile suddenly becomes very international, and you have to start working out timezones to wish people happy birthday at the right time. Quite simply, you will meet more people than you ever have before. People with all sorts of experience, ideals and cultures.

So if you are worrying about travelling alone. don’t let the worry of being alone hold you back. As soon as you hit that flight, you will be surrounded by more people than ever. Just bring your A game, and possibly a pack of cards.

See you tomorrow,

Emily Jemma


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