Beach Envy

Hello everyone!

I have beach envy today. It is mid-winter, the weather is cold (though to be honest, it could be a lot worse), and the darkness of night still prevails for far longer than it should. I have beach envy.

Not only do i have beach envy, i envy my past self. Past Emily is on the beach getting a kick ass tan, and swimming with sharks, scuba diving and revving a jetski. Darn past self gets all the fun. But then, i am jealous of future Emily even more. She gets everything that is yet to come, that i couldn’t even imagine yet. She gets all the firsts.

She will be the first one to get to a new country, or buy a new flight. She will be the one to explore new regions and try new foods. She will meet new friends and be shaped and moulded and grow. Past Emily is static.

Maybe, i should just envy my future. And then live it.

See you tomorrow,

Emily Jemma


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